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Filler-up! More Than $30,000 Spent On Gas Hodgenville Corruption Scandal

Plenty of damaging information came out at the Hodgenville city council meeting this week concerning the scandal involving the mayor and city clerk. Mayor Terry Cruse and clerk MaDonna Hornback have been arrested, accused of ripping off taxpayers. One of the primary accusations is that they gassed up their personal cars with their city credit […]

Cop Arrested. Accused Of Propositioning Women He Busted

And a Louisville cop has been arrested — charged with sending text messages to women he arrested — suggesting he’d help them in exchange for sex. Officer Carl Payne is charged with official misconduct.

Umpire Beaned By Ball In E’town Recovering

An umpire was hit in the head by a ball Sunday during a game at E’town sports park. He was flown to Louisville for treatment of a concussion, but now he’s out of the hospital. His name not given

LaRue Superintendant Sent Home Without Pay For Drunk Driving Arrest

The LaRue county school board has suspended the school superintendant for 30 days because he was arrested for drunk driving. The board spent about two hours behind closed doors, then voted in open session to suspend Sam Sanders. He will be off the job for a month without pay — Amanda Reed will serve as […]

Hodgenville Considers Giving The Mayor The Boot. Public Hearing Set

In Hodgenville, City Council is thinking about throwing the mayor out of office. Council voted Monday to let the public chime-in on that idea — setting a public hearing for May 1. Mayor Terry Cruse and City Clerk MaDonna Hornback are facing felony charges accused of ripping off taxpayers — in a number of ways, […]

Hardin School Board To Finalize Cost Of Lunches

Hardin county school board meets Thursday night. They’re expected to approve an increase in the cost of school lunches for next year. The cost: $2.40. Super value meals at the high school will be $2.65. Breakfast will continue to be no charge for kids. Also Thursday, the board will finalize which schools will serve food […]