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Glendale Murder ó Two Arrested

Murder in Glendale: a manís body found in a car. Heís identified as Hispanic, but no name given. A man and woman are charged with killing him. 24 year old Octavio Fernandez Correa and 31 year old Tiffany Nicole Hodges locked up on a million dollar bond. No details on a motive at this point.

More Slashing Of Personnel May Be Coming To Fort Knox

Fort Knox may be getting smaller. Not good news for the local economy. 3,500 soldiers and civilian employees are being taken from the base with a unit being deactivated, and another 4,000 could be added to it. The bottom line: that would cut the local military payroll by more than $430 million dollars. That would […]

If You Live In Hodgenville, Boil Your Water

Hodgenville residents urged to boil their water before drinking or brushing. Itís a precaustion because a water main broke on South Lincoln Boulevard. Anytime a line breaks, thereís a chance bacteria gets into the water. So boiling is necessary to kill any bacteria that may have gotten into the line. Boil for a full minute […]

Everybody Out Of The Water. Lakes And Streams May Have E.Coli

Be careful where you swim. A warning has been issued that dangerous E.Coli bacteria may be contaminating lakes and streams because of recent rain. E.Coli can give you some nasty stomach symptoms. The warning has been extended to all of Kentuckyís lakes. And it includes Beargrass Creek in Jefferson County, where warning signs have been […]

Sunshine On EMS. Investigation Records Have To Be Released

Hardin County Magistrate Doug Goodman has won another victory. The state Attorney General says Goodman can have copies of documents about Hardinís ambulence service. Plenty of people have wondered about possible shannanigans at EMS. The former director and another employee were investigated and suspended by the county. They eventually quit. J Judge-Executive Harry Berry refused […]

Change Of Judge And Prosecutor In Case Against Hodgenville Chief

A new judge and a new prosecutor will handle the case of Hodgenvilleís police chief. Thatís because the local prosecutor and the judge know the chief well, so they will step aside and let others handle it. Chief Steven Johnson accused of trying to help former the former mayor of Hodgenville, Terry Cruse, avoid arrest […]